About Dynamic Systems

Want to learn more about Dynamic Systems? Dynamic Systems develops asset tracking software, provides a robust portfolio of professional business services, and help companies increasing profitability by efficiently manage their assets. We’re based in Redmond, WA in the shadow of Microsoft, but we’re often found traveling the globe seeking opportunities to meet our customers face to face.

CheckMate All-in-One Asset Tracking Software 

If you want to know more about Dynamic Systems then you want to now more about CheckMate. We spend much of our time developing CheckMate, a complete set of software, tools, and resources to manage your asset and effectively cut costs. CheckMate customers not only get our All-in-One Asset Tracking Software but they also receive our world-class customer support and training. CheckMate is regarded by thousands of organizations across hundreds of industries as the best asset tracking solution on the market.  CheckMate is an affordable and user-friendly solution that helps organizations manage assets, documents, tools, warehouse inventory and job costing. Learn more and sign up for CheckMate:

SIMBA Food Traceability Software

We’re also known for SIMBA, our food traceability software for produce traceability, production reporting and shipment verification. SIMBA is used by over 80% of Alaskan seafood processors and a rapidly growing number farms, distributors and cold storage warehouses for produce traceability. SIMBA allows companies to rapidly print and apply variable product labels on the fly.

How We Came About


A company then known as Interface Mechanisms is founded. In 1982 Interface Mechanisms adopts the name Intermec.


Alison Falco, founder and CEO of Dynamic Systems, begins her career as a sales representative at Intermec where she integrated some of the first bar code tracking solution in the industry. She was blazing a trail for what was then considered bleeding edge technology and kindled a passion for bar coding solutions.


Alison takes her passion and begins what is now known as Dynamic Systems, Inc. in Mukilteo, WA.


Dynamic Systems acquires Edp System Services Inc., a software company based in Lynnwood, WA.


The experts at Dynamic Systems have over 30 years of experience designing and implementing bar code and RFID solutions for companies around the globe including many fortune 500 companies.

About Dynamic Systems: Where We Are Headed

Dynamic Systems has big plans for our product and company going forward. We are now in the process of rewriting our software to mold it into a more user friendly and mobile user experience. This includes redesigning and releasing our robust on premise software solutions as well as a powerful SaaS / cloud based solution. We are very excited for what the future holds not only for the company but for our customers who will benefit from our product.

A big thank you to all of our customers, partners and supporters who have made the last 30 years a success.