The Differences Between “Saving Money” and “Wise Investing”


  As a provider of software and hardware solutions, we often are faced with competition whose main focus is to “save the customer money.”    There is no doubt times have been tough for a lot of businesses in the past few years.  Sales have contracted and lay-offs have put more stress on employees, who have [...]

Best Practices – Inventory Management

CheckMate Manufacturing Suite

Picking the Right Inventory Management Software for your Small to Medium-sized Business Often smaller to mid-sized businesses try to use the inventory software that comes with their accounting system to manage their warehouse. Most accounting systems aren’t set up to handle the details required for optimum inventory management, including tracking of lots or serial numbers, [...]

Best Practices – Inventory Management – The Purchasing Function


  Your purchasing processes directly affect your inventory and your company’s cash flow.  It’s a fine line between having the inventory you need to produce a product or complete a customer order and having too much inventory. Among the consequences of too little inventory are: Delayed shipments therefore slower cash flow. Unhappy customers and more [...]