I Need Color on My Barcode Label


As I discussed in my last article, Unique Materials for a Barcode Label, there are a number of reasons to need or want color on a barcode label, ranging from cosmetics to specific functionality.  There are a few ways to make this happen. Preprinted Color: Barcode label convertors (manufacturers) are able to make some pretty complex [...]

Unique Materials for a Barcode Label


  We keep bringing up the “label” when talking about barcode systems (see “It’s All About the Label” posted previously“).  That’s because the backbone of any good barcode tracking system is the barcode itself.  In fact, without a barcode there is no automated tracking system! So it’s important to understand your options when choosing how [...]

How Big (or Small) Can My Barcode Label Be?


You have a very small item or space to put a barcode label on.  Or you want to be able to read your barcode label from a distance which would require a very large label.  It this possible? The answer is a “qualified yes”, and it is dependent not only on the label itself but [...]